Case study A practical example of how a development programme works

Because we take the time to establish deep and long-lasting relationships with our clients we are often able to develop insight into current working practices in a way that 'here today, gone tomorrow' training providers are not possibly able to do.

This, in turn, helps us to tailor to a much more exacting standard, the programmes that will best help the business achieve its objectives.

We pride ourselves on our 'partnership approach' and it’s this approach which will guarantee your success.  The following is an example of how clear communication and objective setting at every stage of a development programme can ensure fantastic outcomes.;

A made-to-measure solution


This client, a household name in the UK, wanted to radically develop, improve and change the structure of the prevailing Customer Service in-house training offering across its UK sites. A number of meetings were initially held with senior management and director level.

In addition, though highly successful, this client had yet to implement a full Performance Management programme for departmental managers. This had been leading to feelings of disconnection experienced by some front-line staff towards middle management.

Lastly, a systematic Advanced Customer Service change programme was needed for specific departments, to act as knowledge reinforcement and to bring teams together to share best practice.


To devise and create a new customer focused training programme for thousands of site employees across multiple UK locations.

To devise, create and deliver a full Train the Trainer programme in order for the new training programme to be implemented across all sites by nominated, quality-focused, existing employees, trained by New Line Ideas.

To work with additional external consultants to devise a systematic, post-course, testing system to ensure quantitative as well as qualitative measurement of course outcomes.

To enable effective communication across hierarchies further to new training, by designing, creating and delivering a full programme for internal Performance Management across all sites in the UK.

To devise, create and deliver a full follow-up programme to all UK sites, to drive excellence in Customer Service.


  1. With a lead-in time of effectively two quarters, New Line Ideas and senior management at the client met for several face to face meetings to discuss current training across sites. During these meetings and beyond, timelines were put in place for:

    • New course construction and sign-off dates
    • Inclusion of other external providers to ensure programme stability
    • Internal application for each on-site trainer
    • Quality Monitoring post course
    • Programme roll-out dates and rotas
    • Training Locations countrywide
    • Materials, all Support Material and Packaging
    • Artwork (in-house design)
  2. Working both with the client and another external consultancy, New Line Ideas devised a full train the trainer programme, to be rolled out to chosen team members, regionally, at three separate locations. Due to time and staffing restraints, the programme was run over three, highly intensive, five day sessions with both New Line Ideas and the other external provider training in tandem to approximately 48 participants.

  3. In addition, and further to this initial programme, New Line Ideas was asked to carry out regional training at approximately 14 UK locations over a three month period to assess current take-up rates of training and to carry out further Advanced Customer Service to relevant departments.

  4. To complement the work carried out with customer facing team members, New Line Ideas carried out separate Performance Management Training at a centralised Head Office location. The purpose of this training was to ensure improved communication between hierarchies, most especially between front line staff and middle management.


  1. Quantitative:
    • Reduced Customer Complaints
    • Improved satisfaction ratings through surveys and feedback
    • Reduced staff turnover
    • Qualitative:
    • Improved working relationships between teams
    • Better communication channels across sites
    • Much greater "buy-in" from customer facing team members


Parts of the programme have been so successful that other departments are now receiving certain elements of this training, most specifically, Performance Management, which promotes personal change and self-management with regard to working relationships and quality managing teams and individuals.

In addition, New Line Training is working with teams and Team Leaders at the client's Head Office to develop skills within a call-centre environment.

Update 2012.  Throughout 2011 New Line Ideas worked with Sales-based Call Centre teams to increase conversion rates through implementation of Outstanding Service.  We have also developed specific multi-day, Team Leader Key Skills programmes within these teams to ensure better working practice across the Call Centre. 

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