Testimonials Hear what our satisfied clients say about our services

We are extremely proud of the things people say about the learning and development programmes we create.  We like to think that we make a difference and the unsolicited emails, letters and calls we receive seem to support this view.

The testimonials included here are just a sample of the feedback we receive from training interventions given over many years.  The clients mentioned are a mixture of both present and previous clients that the CEO has had the pleasure and honour of working with. 

We have included a variety of comments that offer feedback on the key areas we cover in our Learning section: Team, Management, Personal and Customer

We hope that you enjoy reading them and look forward to the possibility of working with you, too, at some point. 

Team testimonials

Dear Henri, with regard to the course, I have had a lot of unsolicited feedback, mainly stressing how good a teacher you were, you have won some of the Mazda team over. I am sure you can repeat this next week.

Technical and Customer Service Manager Mazda Motors UK Ltd

Despite some early misgivings about the length of the course I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the time there and the benefits are clear for all to see. I have got back / and now have Departmental buy-in.  I will be running courses for the management team and all permanent team members. Henri and Antony were really, really good. If we get these messages to the front line efficiently and consistently then I would say that this will provide the cultural platform for a step-change in our/ service.  Service is, to me, the most potent individual enhancer of perceived customer value and this is the key to it. Thanks for the time and investment. Really appreciated

Complex Manager Haven Holidays

Thank you for co-ordinating the course. It was fantastic and I thought Henri was brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and cannot wait to share it with the team. The course helped me develop my understanding...as well as giving me lots of assistance with coaching and feedback. I have also learnt a lot about myself.’

Manager John Lewis Partnership

(Our team) have given some very positive feedback about how their training has been going down with delegates. Would you believe that a guy who normally hates training has asked if he can now be included on all further training.  Also, (she) said how much she now felt like a member of a team and that nowhere else has she been involved in training like this. So, good to know that it's going down well.

OE Services Manager Haven Holidays

Management Testimonials

I would just like to put in writing how good the training was with Henri at Odney last week. Henri is a very good trainer and kept me interested throughout the day. I have recommended to our management that all staff here in the Call Centre should have this training.

Section Manager John Lewis Partnership

We looked at motivation to recognise the difference between motivation “away from consequences” or “towards goals”. We asked what actually motivates you and then looked at some non financial rewards and to be creative with incentives rather than money, money, money. We have set goals that we will follow up on and we will recognise and reward regularly during team meetings.

Accommodation Managers Haven Holidays

I found the course very useful and motivational. It has made us all aware of what we need to do to achieve the results... Henri was very good and informative. I realised he had run a three day course over two days.

Manager John Lewis Partnership

Just one final thing: - I think that the performance management course is the most useful course I have ever attended. I find it easier now to understand my team and what makes them tick and if I have a poor performer, I need to spend time with them to give them some extra support. I can’t actually believe how powerful the message was although I did feel like I was dead at the end of the days!

Holiday Sales Manager Haven Holidays

Hi. Just an update for you on myself and firstly I am loving the change and results.  As before, the Coaching Cycle is going really well and my list system as well.  My problem team member which I would have scored 2 at the start is now on a 10 as well. What a difference it has made... it is like having a second wife now (only joking).  Delegation of a task is done and I have team members asking for more responsibility and how they can help me.

Team Leader Haven Holidays

Customer testimonials

Hi Henri. I wanted to email and thank you personally for the course last week. Everyone had a really good time and learnt loads. They have all come in to work this morning and told me they are about to put it all into practice and one of them even gave me chocolate to say thanks for a great course.

Manager Direct Travel Insurance

Hi Henri. I found the day to be exceptionally well pitched for our needs... all delegates came away feeling that all their questions had been answered, and I feel this is testimony to you listening to our requirements in order to present a course that fully met our needs. I would without question, recommend this course to any business enduring the same issues that we are in relation to written correspondence.

Quality Assurance Manager Lexis Nexis Butterworths

Henri, just thought I would drop a note to say, ‘Thanks’. I have had excellent feedback from all my staff that attended. As you were aware, a couple were attending for the second time in the way of a refresher. Without fail, everyone had a great time and learnt a lot. I have never had such positive feedback from any course. Thanks again.

Call Centre Director Coca Cola Enterprises

Recently, two of my staff attended a one day telephone course... both found the course intensive but very enjoyable and they came back enthusing about the new skills they had attained.’ (One staff member) now goes around the office correcting people on their telephone manner and (the other staff member) had a friend who rang him and asked to speak to him not recognising his new telephone manner and couldn’t believe it was him. I feel the money spent on this course has been a worthwhile investment... could you please give our special thanks to Henri for his effort - it was greatly appreciated.

Managing Partner SW Colour Laboratories

I just wanted to drop you a line to say a HUGE thank you for inviting me onto the recent Customer Care training course – it was fantastic! Being a lady of more advanced years ….. and coming from a Sales Management and Customer Services Management background, I have attended a lot of training courses – but none quite as eye-opening and motivating as this one was! Henri is a great trainer – he kept us motivated and interested the whole time – even when we allowed ourselves to get a little unruly! We were so impressed, we want to invent Henri dolls to carry with us everywhere!! I couldn’t find an email address for him on his web site and would really appreciate it if you could pass on my personal thanks to him, as well. Please also let him know that on my first day back (at work), I used most of my newly-learned skills with an angry customer – all the tools he’d afforded us were put to good use …. and they worked!! I was as pleased as punch! Looking forward to more training when possible!!

Customer Service Representative Haven Holidays

This is the best customer service course I have been on in 20 years and I am a CS trainer. It was original and very interesting... outstandingly refreshing.

Group Manager Camelot Group Plc

The mix of theory and practice was well balanced and instead of theoretical discussions, actual tips that can raise performance were given. Henri’s explanations were very clear and I appreciated him showing the participants clear connections between the individual subjects we talked about. The methods were very well chosen, highly interactive and really made everybody take part. In order to make things clear, Henri used a lot of examples and analogies, which help understanding considerably.

Training Manager Vienna International Hotels

Henri was a pleasure to have as our trainer. His upbeat outlook was very motivating. Thanks.

Customer Call Representative Camelot Group Plc.

Pesonal testimonials

I found the drama triangle syndrome interesting.  Many times I tried to be the rescuer in the past and ended up the persecutor. It was surprising how naïve and possibly stupid I have been in the past—I will have an open mind to all situations that develop. It works, it already has -1 team member I have treated totally different and coaxed, reinforced and listened to is back in the team.  His attitude has changed.  Really, he wasn’t as far adrift as I had let myself think. The language of the body, speech and choosing the right time to appraise, praise or be conscience of a problem—I have found to be the most important thing I have learnt.

Accommodation Manager Haven Holidays

For me the triangle of persecutor/victim /rescuer was extremely useful. I can now see I need to work on my response to team in victim mode!  The material covered regarding motivation reminded me of past, self motivators which I can utilise when feeling de-motivated by others negative attitudes and responses of others. The course was great. The part where we set out individual goals really helped me re focus. I would have liked to have had time to discuss this 1-1 with Henri.’

Accommodation Manager Haven Holidays

Just to let you know - I loved the course (and I'm really not one for courses)... send me on a Henri course anytime.

Holiday Sales Manager Haven Holidays