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'I before E, accept after C'.

That's what our teachers used to tell us, wasn't it?

Well, if you spotted the error in the quote above, congratulations.

You are right, it should read: '...except after C'.

'Easy enough mistake to make' you may say. Or, 'oops, I didn't spot that one'.

Little errors like that are easily missed but the second your copy goes out there, into the real world, you are judged on your spelling, grammar, punctuation and style.

Our written communications, whether to colleagues, bosses or clients, say more about us than we may care to realise.  How do you react to people that use sarcasm, CAPITALS or '!!!' to make their point in every email, letter or (increasingly, it seems) SMS message?

Are you sure your clients are receiving the quality of written communications they deserve?

If you are in any doubt that others form an image of our abilities (and, by association, that of our company) through our written communication, read the following, taken from a national newspaper in 2010:

'A BT boss has condemned education standards as a 'disgrace' after receiving thousands of applications from 'illiterate' school-leavers.

Sir Michael Rake, chairman of the telecoms giant, said the firm had received 26,000 applications for 170 places on its apprenticeship scheme starting this autumn.

But 6,000 - nearly a quarter - were not even worthy of consideration.

'They were unable to complete the form because they could not spell, put it together or read properly - completely illiterate,' said Sir Michael.

'It's a disgrace. The politicians have a huge amount to answer for over the past 50 to 60 years.''

Sadly, this is not an isolated example. If you are even considering a course on written communications for your team, it is highly probable you have also got plenty of examples that you could quote.

New Line Ideas uses a fun, intensive and no nonsense approach to ensuring that participants leave our Written Communication programmes, exhausted.

Yes, that's right, exhausted!

We like to wring every last ounce of learning from each available minute; it's something we're very proud of, even if it does lead to a touch of 'grey-matter-melting'.

Don't worry, you're in good hands.

Every learning intervention is tailored specifically to the particular department or business needs. We actively solicit internal examples of those 'whoops' moments as something to work on within the course structure. In addition, your programme facilitator will always hold professional qualifications in the target field to ensure only the highest standards are maintained. 

We are extremely flexible in approach and are happy to develop programme content according to your specific needs.

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