Our methodology Our approach to starting and following a programme

We believe that the best way to help you achieve your goals is by developing close and productive relationships.  For this very good reason, there is lots of communication from the word Go

It’s this attention to communication, sharing ideas and taking a ‘partnership approach’ that separates us from many consultancy and training providers. Our informal approach sometimes startles our clients but we frequently later hear how this method started the process of breaking down barriers. 

Knowing that we are available (nearly) 24/7 is of great comfort to many of the key personnel we deal with and we are proud to say that many have become personal friends.

Initial contact

Whichever is easiest for you. Simply complete a web-based form and we'll be happy to contact you in your preferred manner: either by email or good old-fashioned telephone.

Initial Meeting / Consultation

We understand your time constraints and are happy to hold either a conference call or to visit you on site. The latter is preferable as it gives us not only the chance to meet face to face but also helps you, as a potential partner, to see us and get a feel for our style. At this initial meeting, which would normally take between one and two hours, you will have the opportunity to get to know us, how we like to work and what is expected of you, as client, and what you can, and should, expect from us, as provider, throughout the change programme and beyond.

As we subscribe very much to a partnership approach, we would ask that key decision makers are present at this initial meeting, in addition to those personnel potentially responsible for driving the programme forward, internally.


Further to the initial meeting, we will prepare a detailed outline, with all and any recommendations for your change programme, our price structures and timelines. This is usually with the client within five working days of the initial meeting.

Next Steps

We view relationships as one of the most important parts of our role. For this reason, we look to a lead-in period of a minimum of six weeks in which time we feel you'll begin to trust us. If you don't trust us and feel comfortable with how we approach projects and people, we'll be repeating the same old training cycle:

"Losing internal and / or external client trust – desire for training – implementation of training programme – (but, and crucially,) non-implementation of training outcomes – losing more internal and / or external client trust."

During lead-in times, processes, rotas, locations for training, printing, pre-training alignment etc. are fully discussed with all relevant personnel thus ensuring greatest impact when the programme begins.


During every step and stage of the implementation, whether a one-off project or a company-wide roll-out lasting months, regular feedback will be taken and given on current quality control. This is done not only to ensure total client delight, but, as importantly, the change you desire.

Post Programme Analysis

As part of our package, and to add extra value to our relationships, we can produce, in association with key personnel, progress reports (contact us for more details) outlining current project achievements, key data and to offer further guidance, where felt appropriate.

Ongoing Support

Key to your success in ongoing implementation of new behaviours is the ability for key personnel to receive feedback. If instructed, we can provide the means and technology for key personnel to monitor, measure and maintain new excellence.

Let's take this further.

To benefit from an informal discussion on how New Line Ideas can help you achieve long lasting results, please contact us today.

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