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There's nothing more wonderful than discovering something totally new - especially if what you've just discovered can radically help you to transform both yourself and maybe those around you too.

At this point in history, we are publishing more material than ever before both through established media and the Internet. Sometimes, it can feel daunting to make a decision on where to go to get good advice as there seem to be so many differing opinions.

At New Line Ideas we are happy to recommend any book that we feel passes the 'gold' standard. This means that the book should not only be entertaining and enjoyable, but that it carries with it a serious message, capable of bringing change to either individuals or organisations.

Of course, this list is subjective and only a taster, and your ideas might not marry ours, but in general, in quantities sold alone, these are books that have already brought massive change to people's lives.

Most of these books, if not all, are easily available through online outlets. Rather than influencing your choices by giving reviews here, have a good look at available online reviews already written by people that have got a lot out of the book(s) in question.

If you feel you'd like us to add to this list of recommendations, and why, please drop us a line through the contacts page and we'll be happy to include your recommendation on our site, referencing you and your reason.

A great read!

  • Personality Plus

    Florence Littauer

    Used in training courses the world over. This highly entertaining book gives real life examples to help us understand the four differing personalities: Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholic and Phlegmatic. A must for anyone needing to understand others' motives.

  • Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D

    The biology of belief

    Lipton is a Cell Biologist and brings his wealth of knowledge in cutting edge areas of science to the area of personal development and change.

  • The 7 habits of highly effective people

    Stephen R Covey

    The modern classic best seller that focuses on 7, incremental techniques needed to develop outstanding effectiveness in life. The methodology takes the reader far beyond most self-help manuals in terms of overall scope.

  • A manager's guide to leadership

    Mike Pedler, John Burgoyne, Tom Boydell

    Anybody within a leadership role will benefit from this book. The reader is taken through the key skills areas which are then examined with thought provoking exercises.

  • A manager's guide to self-development

    Mike Pedler, John Burgoyne, Tom Boydell

    A fantastic resource book with 53 separate activities that focus on key self-development areas necessary within the manager's role.

  • Feel the fear and do it anyway

    Susan Jeffers

    International best seller on confronting internal fears that hold you back from achieving your true potential.

  • How to win friends and influence people

    Dale Carnegie

    Another Carnegie best seller on developing the state of mind and social skills necessary for success both at home and the workplace.

  • How to stop worrying and start living

    Dale Carnegie

    Classic best seller on how to avoid daily traps that keep you from focusing on what is truly important in life

  • Getting things done

    David Allen

    A modern method for perfecting your time management. Useful for: individuals in your private life, managers, organisations and anyone that wants to rationalise those to-do lists.

  • The power of intention

    Dr Wayne W Dyer

    Change the way you look at things and things you look at will change.

  • Personality

    Dr Rob Yeung

    A book crammed with questionnaires and quizzes to help you tap into your potential.

  • Confidence

    Dr Rob Yeung

    Another big seller from Yeung that combines psychological techniques with self-help questionnaires and quizzes to help you develop your confidence and achieve your goals in life.

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

    Dr Stephen Briers

    Based upon recognised therapies now used by the NHS, Briers takes you on a journey through your mental make-up to discover why you do the things you do and how to make changes where necessary.

  • Games people play

    Eric Berne, M.D.

    The creator of Transactional Analysis takes the reader through many of the psychological games that adults unconsciously play. A highly academic book, but essential learning for managers and those responsible for people's behaviour.

  • Counselling for toads

    Robert de Board

    Using 'Wind in the Willows' as a template for characterisation, de Board gives a succinct and entertaining overview of how Transactional Analysis can help in personal development.

  • Who moved my cheese?

    Dr Spencer Johnson

    The multi-million best seller that uses allegory to explain the need for acceptance of change and how to deal with its consequences.

  • The one minute manager

    Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

    Another multi-million best seller that leaves the reader in no doubt as to the skill-sets needed for leadership within the workplace.

  • S.U.M.O.

    Paul McGee

    A refreshing alternative to the wealth of 'self-development' aids. McGee tells it like it is, the title standing for Shut Up Move On.

  • :59 Seconds

    Professor Richard Wiseman

    Exercises and techniques designed to challenge your pre-conceived ideas about change. The object of the book is to give you valuable methods of change that take, individually, less than a minute - hence ':59 Seconds'.

  • How to be a complete and utter failure

    Steve McDermott

    McDermott uses established methods available in the public sphere such as Neuro Linguistic Programming, CBT, and other motivational areas to help you with self-development.

  • T.A. Today

    Ian Stewart and Vann Joines

    Effectively, a modern text book on the workings behind Transactional Analysis - one of the most valuable psychologies dealing with inter-personal relationships.

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