Call Centre consultancy and solutions Don't let your challenges become problems

If you run a busy call centre you'll likely be familiar with the following challenges:

  • Alignment of Call Form Quality Measures
  • Ensuring and Maintaining Objective Monitoring Criteria
  • Standardised Quality Assessment Across Teams
  • Feedback Structure
  • Team Structure

New Line Ideas already has vast experience in this field and its CEO has previously worked on various projects with some of the best known brands in the UK and the world, from Coca Cola, to Samsung, John Lewis and Virgin through to Radisson Hotels, Mazda and Nissan.

So, where do we add value?

  1. Full departmental or business 'Needs Analysis' research to ensure 'Objective' in-house Call Forms and monitoring.
  2. Development and delivery of bespoke, tailored Customer Service and Sales programmes developed around core competencies (as dictated by Call Monitoring Feedback and Call Forms) to ensure higher conversion rates.
  3. Fully trained Team Leaders, more effective in working cohesively with their teams, monitor calls effectively and trained to offer regular Performance Feedback within a clearly defined framework.

One of our current clients has increased conversion rates across its 'Hotline' call centre by approximately 4%. We helped them achieve this increase in performance by using simple rapport building techniques and by greater use of 'discovery' questions.

Achieving great sales almost always comes from offering outstanding service and it is this we really help our clients with - achieving sales through service. In this way, you are assured long-term loyalty, high client retention rates and great 'word of mouth' recommendation.

Let's take this further.

To truly appreciate how we can take your call centre to the next level, please contact us to discuss your current needs.

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