About New Line Ideas A truly personal approach to business change and growth

Let me extend a warm and personal greeting to you. My name is Henri Jaume and as CEO I'm delighted to welcome you to a truly personal approach to business change and growth.

Operating between the UK and Europe (and further afield on larger projects), New Line Ideas ensures total client delight with innovative and practical learning solutions and a commitment to total flexibility and rapid response.

No more, 'Yadda Yadda Yadda'!

Quite simply, New Line Ideas is a small, highly creative and focused consultancy that provides friendly and personalised solutions in the following areas:

  • Face to Face Customer Experience
  • Call Centre Customer Service, Sales and Support
  • Call Centre Call Form Creation and Benchmarking
  • Leadership and Management Development Programmes
  • Internal Training Programmes
  • Site and Department Specific Key Skills Development

We excel in creating meaningful, lasting relationships with clients which ensures you are guaranteed Value Added.

Whilst we are always delighted to deliver a quick-fix if in keeping with your goals, it is not unusual for a one-off programme to develop into a multi-year, department-wide or, in some cases, a company-wide development programme.

Our Approach - one size does not fit all!

If you have ever implemented training or benchmarking programmes for your Call Centre or Sales Office or created a Management Development programme for your team, you'll know there are many 'off the shelf' courses and programmes available.

New Line Ideas was created as a response to many of these inflexible and tired old methods that show no return on investment. We are passionate about change for individuals, teams and whole businesses and this passion is shared by those we work with.

Our Partnership Approach

To ensure rapid results that keep delivering for our clients, we use a Partnership Approach. This method has produced outstanding returns for our clients and begins on day one. It's about understanding what we're aiming for, together, and then progressing one step at a time, as a team. Learn more about our methodology.

A Personal Invitation

As CEO and Principal Delivery consultant I spend a lot of time travelling to clients throughout Europe. It is always a pleasure receiving calls from both existing clients or potential clients that simply need someone to talk to. Sometimes, you're too close to the wood to see the trees.

If you feel you might benefit from an informal discussion on how New Line Ideas can help you achieve long lasting results please feel free to call any time on the numbers given or through email.

Here's wishing you all the very best in all your endeavours,

Henri Jaume

Let's take this further.

To benefit from an informal discussion on how New Line Ideas can help you achieve long lasting results, please contact us today.

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